Interactive Storytelling + Data Insights

Plan, produce & distribute up to 120-second video in 16-30 days, to create a personalized and interactive experience for today's digital natives.

Transformation at Speed

9x Engagement than traditional videos

16% Average Click-through-rate

50% increase in average time spent

Video Elements

We can create both interactive and non-interactive versions out of the same concept. Check out the variety of video features you can customize

Our Process

A streamlined approach that focuses on what matters most, story and engagement.


Through discovery calls, we match you with the perfect team and understand your brand objective thoroughly. 


We translate brand objective into creative vision, analyze data, collect pitches, and turn creative proposals into shooting scripts.


The production team we matched you with and our LemonTree producers will collaborate to bring your vision into reality.  


We help nail down distribution and split-testing strategy.  We revise, launch, analyze performance, and continue to iterate.

How we are different

Visualize your campaign

With LemonTree's smart platform, once you enter a short survey, you can get matched with top creatives, view sample videos relevant to your brand guidelines, and request for proposals with just a few clicks. Yet, we are not a simple marketplace - we play a crucial role in translating business needs into storytelling pieces and help you launch, track performances, and revise to ensure success.

Translating business goals to creative visions

We study your brand from the bottom up through user persona research and interviews. We visit your offices and try out your products ourselves. All research aims to help us discover the inherent drama in your brand. A drama that allows us to tell compelling stories for your audience.

When top filmmaking, technology & business talents collaborate

While analysts convey audience analysis to creatives, filmmakers transform vision into concrete visuals. Engineers create interactive elements in videos, perform website embeds, and collect data from video distribution.

Endless possibilities to display your videos

No matter it is interactive or traditional content, we create in formats that best fit your end needs. You can specify your distribution channels, dimension, and format in our Project Description Form after the first discovery call.

LemonTree Media

Transform videos into interactive experiences

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