Siyu "Under the Windhorse" | Trailer

The Challenge

Highlight the mutual impact that our volunteer teachers and the Tibetan children have on one another. Celebrate hope, compassion, and the friendships formed between teachers and students.  

The Story

Under the Windhorse, produced by LemonTree, is a short documentary that explores the moving story of 7-year-old Dan Tong and Qu, a volunteer teacher at the only school in the remote Tibetan village of Gongbuka, Sichuan. Captured in their relationship is the gift of life and the long road between city and village, between teacher and student. For Dan Tong, home is where this road begins, where Qu will always be waiting for him, where education and compassion will lead the young boy to his dream of becoming a Lama.

  • Category: Short Documentary
  • Client: Siyu
  • Distribution: Website, Screening
  • Budget: 100K+