Short Film "Reflection"

The Challenge

To utilize Canon Cinema EOS C300 to create an artistic short film piece, showcasing the camera's low-light capabilities and film look. 

The Story

It starts with a mirror in an apartment lobby. It inspires us to explore what we do when we look into the mirror. We see reflections of ourselves, but what do we feel? Nervousness, excitement, happiness. The film captures a supposedly awkward moment at the apartment lobby and stages a lovely encounter between a man and a woman. Throughout the duration of the film, we explored a range of emotions, letting the characters discover their true reflections. We selected the apartment lobby with limited natural lighting. By capturing the entire story in one camera shot and keeping the background music as only the surrounding sound, the film brings the viewers into experiencing the moment.

  • Category: Short Film Spec
  • Client: Canon Cinema EOS
  • Distribution: Website
  • Budget: 10-100K