HeroTech "Portraits of Heroes"

The Challenge

To create a philanthropic piece that delves into the stories of homeless people in New York, conveying the message that homeless are heroes in their own rights.

The Story

HeroTech first approached LemonTree with the idea of having a man dressed in spiderman suit approaching the homeless of New York and offering them gifts, making reference to the spiderman character who helps sheltered homeless. At first, this idea does not ring true to our producing team. From the audience perspective, a "spiderman" on the street can be seen as intentionally eye-grabbing and serves no purpose for the central theme of the story.

Through careful research, LemonTree helped HeroTech develop a new script, in which Noam, a man who's been homeless himself, goes on a journey to hear the homeless' stories. Focusing on authenticity, our production crew made genuine connections with the subjects we interviewed, and spent time listening to their stories. We collected over 500 hours of footage, which was transformed into a 5-minute interactive documentary that captures four characters' lives, hopes, and struggles.

  • Category: Interactive Short Documentary
  • Client: HeroTech
  • Distribution: Website
  • Budget: 10-100K