Godiva "Sharing"

The Challenge

To showcase Godiva's committment to bringing its fine chocolates to everyone.

The Story

Godiva's vision is to be the curator of guilty pleasures and share it's choclate "art pieces" with the world. Every time the image of Lady Godiva is seen, all woes are erased and all smiles are brightened. In China, upper-class families exchange Godiva as gifts, while families and their kids in remote villages rarely have the opportunity to experience its sweetness, subtle flavors, and smooth texture. The video focues on the character Dan Tong, a seven-year-old whose parents are both working in Chengdu, a city far away from Dan's school. In the story, he spreads his joy through sharing Godiva with his schoolmates.

  • Category: Short Film
  • Client: Godiva
  • Distribution: Facebook, website, in-store.
  • Budget: 100K+