ESPN "Dominoes"

The Challenge

To capture a century-old football rivalry and appeal to Gen-Z football enthusiasts.

The Story

As the nation's most popular sports media, ESPN's content are mostly targeted toward people who are 20 or older. College football rivalries are often captured on television while famous high school rivalries like this one are usually excluded by its program. Our team spent two days with a high school football team in Virginia. During the span of two days, we interacted with the football players, captured century-old traditions, the bonfire, and recorded important moments of the practices leading up to the game. With a vintage style, a dynamic pacing, and a cold tone, we wanted to let our audience experience the tension, the nervousness, and the excitement that the players feel in the game.

  • Category: Short Film Spec
  • Client: ESPN
  • Distribution: Instagram, Facebook
  • Budget: 10-100K