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General Inquiries

Do you offer an all-in-one video content solution from strategy to release? How involved are you in executing the strategies?

Yes, we do. We come up with strategies on what content to create, where to distribute, and who to target. Furthermore, we are able to carry out targeted advertising campaigns on popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok.

What is your pricing like? How is your price compared to the rest of the industry?

Our pricing is primarily based on the level of experience of our on-set producers and creative directors, the production value, and video elements. On average, our video pricing is 30% lower than the industry standard pricing given by agencies and production companies .

How is your team data-driven in your process? Why is it important to be data-driven?

Being data-driven does not mean worshipping data and creating what data tells us to create. Data is an effective tool for our team to understand the market, your brand, your products, and your target demographics, but it may not directly influence our creative decisions. In fact, sometimes, gut feelings and experience can be the best guidance!


You assemble relatively smaller production teams; why should we as established brands work with you as compared to bigger agencies?

Nowadays, the need for video content is constant and has become an essential part for most brands. You are not creating one expensive video a year, but more likely a video a week. Big agencies have trouble churning out videos quickly and lack flexibility. They usually require a big crew, a third-party production company, and a deliberate, slow process. After all, you have social media that's always churning so you need consistency. We are advantageous because our use of high technology in production, Request-for-Proposal, collaboration, and budgeting saves tremendous amount of human effort, so we can focus on what matters most: developing great stories that resonate with your consumers.

What is your Production Estimate+ used for? How do I customize a video?

By inputting parameters such as your ideal budget, production value, etc, Production Estimate+ will output an estimated budget range. Once you scheduled a discovery call, you and our creative producer work together to fill out a Project Description Form (on Trello). Once the form is completed, our producer will be able to give you an exact pricing in 24 hours.

Is it okay if my brand only use part of your process because we are already working with an agency?

Yes. If you come to us with a pre-developed idea, we can help you produce. If you come to us with a set of well-developed content strategies, we can help you execute.

How does your team balance business growth initiatives and artistic expression?

While we prioritize growth and effective results, we encourage a creative director's individual expression. Our process aims to strive a balance between the two through encouraging creative exploration and disagreement, which help the filmmakers and artists we work with create genuine works.


What are the contracts I need to sign and what are the payment terms?

Production Service Agreement Contract and Payment Terms Contract. We require an 50% down payment and we cannot proceed to the next step without receiving the payment. In special cases, we accept Net 30 payments.

How do I collaborate with your team and receive deliverables and updates?

We utilizes our internal platform, Zoom, Trello, text/email notification system, and Slack for project communications and updates.

What if there is a need for reshoot or additional revision? What are the protocols?

2 revisions are included for each video and we offer more revisions at an additional fee that is dependent on the hourly rate of our editor. In rare cases, the client requests a reshoot. A Reshoot Contract will be signed by both the creative director and the client. If less than 20% of the footage needs to be reshot, our team will do it at no additional fee. If more than 20% of the footage needs to be reshot, we will request an hourly rate compensation for the crew.

What are the next steps when we sign the Production Service Agreement?

A project timeline will be shared with you, and our team will reach out to creative directors to gather pitch decks. In less then a week, you will be receiving a Storytelling Strategy Report. We will do an in-person presentation (if your office is located in NYC) or a remote presentation. Then, we will move into script development. 

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